How to become a digital creator on Facebook for Brand Growth

Want to know how to become a digital creator on Facebook? 

This is your chance to express your creativity, reach a large audience, and earn from your content in 2024 and beyond.

And it's not just content sharing, but story storytelling telling and community building.

Starting as a Facebook digital creator allows you to connect with a large network of creatives, and experts while reaching a broad audience.

Not to mention, the monetization opportunities that present themselves with each piece of content that you publish.

Not sure where to start? 

This article will be your complete roadmap to turn your creative vision into a reality - step by step. From defining your niche to mastering content creation, developing a winning strategy, and capitalizing on monetization features and more.

What's a Digital Creator?

It entails a lot more than just posting content. As a digital creator, you are also a marketer, community builder, and entrepreneur. 

Digital creators on Facebook can monetize their content through features like ad breaks, fan subscriptions, and branded content.

Digital creators need to capture the audience's attention in the crowded online space. The key is to produce unique and engaging content that encourages interaction from your audience.  

Another aspect of the role is community building. You create a network of followers who engage with your content while also networking with other creators for potential collaboration and learning opportunities.  

The most exciting part of being a digital creator, besides bringing people value, is monetizing your passion. You can use Facebook's diverse monetization tools to turn your hobby into a revenue stream. As a digital creator, you’re not just a player in the digital world, but you’re also its director, scriptwriter, and producer.

You can learn more about what a digital creator is here.

Tools You'll Need to Embark on Your Digital Creator Journey on Facebook

Ready to make waves in the digital universe of Facebook?  Of course, you are.

But wait, before diving in, do you have everything you need?  Let’s break it down together. Here are the necessary ingredients, or shall I say, tools of the trade you will need by your side. 

How to Become a Digital Creator on Facebook

1. Facebook Creator Studio:

This Facebook Creator Studio is a must as it provides creators with powerful tools for managing and publishing content, tracking performance, scheduling posts, and engaging with their audience. 

2. The Mighty Professional Mode (ProMode): 

Activating ProMode allows you a creator to unlock audience growth and monetization opportunities. You'll gain access to additional features, including personalized profile settings, insights on content performance, and the ability to boost Reels and reach new audiences.

3. Reels Composer: Your Creative Command Centre: 

Use the Reels Composer for creative works. It includes templates, hashtags, and trendy music. You don't need to worry about editing as this tool simplifies it for you. It also lets you add audio, text, and music to your reels. 

4. Inspiration Hub: Your Think-Tank: 

The Inspiration Hub within the Professional Dashboard provides creators with popular reels, hashtags, topics, and music to inspire fresh content ideas. It helps you stay up-to-date with trends and generate new ideas for your content - something that's critical for online success.

5. Professional Dashboard Insights: The Navigation Map: 

The Professional Dashboard is your personal GPS for your content journey. Navigate through vital insights on content reach, interactions, audience expansion, and the pulse of your reels. You even get to eyeball metrics like new followers credited to a Reel, distribution health, and retention graphs.

6. Ads and Monetization Tools: The Treasure Chest: 

From brand partnerships to in-stream ads, subscriptions, and monetization bonuses — they've got plenty of opportunities to help you make money. Imagine collaborating with top brands for exciting sponsored content or having a consistent income stream. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

7. The Cross-Posting Bridge: 

You don't have to restrict your content to just Instagram. You can magnify the reach via Facebook's feature of cross-posting. Yes, you can now beam your Instagram-branded gems of reels and stories onto Facebook, multiplying their impact. This feature helps you maximize your impact and leverage existing content across multiple platforms.

Equipment and Software Tools

For starters, your smart phone should do the job. But let's look at some gear and tech to enhance your Facebook content beyond Facebook's built-in tools: 

Keep in mind that the choice of tools depends on factors like your content style, budget, and personal preferences.

How to Become a Digital Creator on Facebook in 5 Steps

1. Find your Niche

Before you start with digital content creation, it's important to find your niche. Having a specific focus or specialty makes you stand out amongst other content creators. 

Identify the subject or subjects you're passionate about. It could be anything from cooking to gaming, fashion to kittens. 

Once you've identified your niche, ensure there's a market demand for it. Make sure your content will have enough engaged followers. 

Remember, a specific focus or niche doesn't limit you, it helps you build a community. 

2. Set Up Your Facebook Creator Account 

Before we begin, you need to set up your Facebook Creator Account. 

Why is this important? It's like the stage for your performance, with the entire world as your audience. 

  1. Go to your Facebook profile.
  2. Click the menu button (...) below your profile header.
  3. Select "Turn on professional mode."
  4. Confirm by clicking "Turn on" and follow the prompts.

For creating a public presence separate from your personal profile:

  1. Go to your profile and tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap "Pages."
  3. Click "Create" at the top left.
  4. Enter your page name and click "Next."
  5. Choose a category or select from Popular Categories.
  6. Tap "Create."
  7. Complete your Page by adding Bio, Contact info, Location, and Hours.
  8. Personalize your Page with a profile picture and cover photo.
  9. Grow your audience by inviting friends.
  10. Enable Page notifications on your profile if desired.
  11. Tap "Done" to finish setup.

Now you have a new Facebook Creator account. Next, let's make it stand out!

3. Create Engaging Content

Do you realize how much content is out there? Billions of posts, videos, and pictures. But how many of those make you stop scrolling, pay attention, react, share, and remember?

How to Become a Digital Creator on Facebook

Your content needs to be the showstopper in the never-ending carnival of information that is Facebook. But remember, it's not just about creating content, it's about creating value. 

Your audience, they're not looking for just another post or video. They're looking for something that speaks to them. Your content needs to educate, entertain, inspire, or involve your audience. Wondering how? 

Be consistent. It's like punctuality, showing respect for your audience's time, enhancing reliability and engagement. Consistency also becomes addictive, increasing audience anticipation for your content. 

 Create meaningful content. Learn from tracking your metrics and adjust your strategy. Remember, you control your own creativity.

4. Architect Your Content Strategy 

You need clear goals, an understanding of your audience, and a regular upload schedule. A solid content strategy also involves varying content types, interacting with your audience, and staying up-to-date on trends. 

Facebook's Creator Studio makes this simple for you, allowing you to publish, schedule, and manage content on Facebook and Instagram with ease. You can efficiently manage your Facebook Pages on the go with the Creator Studio app. These tools are vital for an efficient and effective content strategy.

5. Monetize Your Content 

Creating digital content can be rewarding, especially when you're able to monetize it on platforms like Facebook. It's not easy, but we have a basic guide to help you start earning from your content. 

Here's what you need to know: 

It's important to note that monetization is not available for every creator and you first need to apply and check your eligibility to gain access to these monetization tools. Don't be discouraged by this and continue innovating and creating remember to do so within the platform's guidelines. Keep creating and innovating. 


How can I make money as a Facebook digital creator?

To make money on Facebook, you can utilize various monetization tools provided by the platform. Here are five effective methods:

  1. Add ads to your videos: With over 10,000 Page followers, you can make money by including in-stream ads in your videos.
  2. Advertise in articles: Bloggers can earn from Instant Articles by selling ads directly or allowing Facebook to insert ads.
  3. Use the subscription button: If eligible for fan subscriptions, you can add a "Support Now" button to your posts for easier subscriptions.
  4. Partner with brands: Make branded content to earn money and gain insights. Use Brand Collabs Manager to discover paid partnerships.
  5. Earn from live videos: Interact with fans on live videos and make money through Stars, which can be purchased and sent by fans.

How can I reach a wide audience on Facebook as a digital creator? 

Looking to increase your presence on Facebook? Here are some strategies to grow your audience: 

  1. Use SEO wisely: SEO can be used in Facebook posts through hashtags. Relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your content in search results.
  2. Promote through posts: Sharing your content on different parts of Facebook, like your page, stories, and groups, can boost your visibility. Also, consider cross-promotion to reach a wider audience.
  3. Collaborate: Collaborating with other creators can help expand your audience. This could also improve the quality of your content.
  4. Schedule your posts: Post your content when your audience is most active. The Facebook Insights tool can show you the best times for maximum exposure.
  5. Engage your audience: Increase engagement by responding to comments, asking questions, and posting interactive content. This will make your community feel valued and could attract new followers.

How much do Facebook digital creators make?

As of September 2023, the average salary for a Facebook Digital Creator in the U.S. is $78,429 per year. But, remember, this figure can vary due to factors like skills, years of experience, and location. 

Also, income can range significantly for creative roles. In some cases, individuals have managed to earn up to $128,000 annually.

Facebook Statistics You Should Know: 

Users Globally3.3 billion as of 2023Online Minutes Spent Daily On Facebook (Average)30 minutesSmall Business Pages on Facebook200 MillionExpected Facebook Ad Revenue for 2023$153.76 billion

Last thing...

Remember, success in digital creation is about producing meaningful content that connects with your audience, experimenting with new ideas, and prioritizing your audience's needs. 

Know that you know this, you confidently dive into the world of Facebook digital creation and shape it with your creativity. 

Each Facebook post, interactive session, and digital creation is a step on a bigger journey. Stay curious and creative, and keep exploring because the adventure is just starting.

Who knows? You could be the next viral sensation on Facebook. The world is eager to see what you create.

Good luck, and let the power of creativity guide you!